2020-02-24 Living with Cancer Day 1083

2020-02-24 Living with Cancer Day 1083

Today was a resting day, recovering from our Monterey trip. Pain-wise, the increase in the pain levels, especially in both hips pain killer lowered

Morning – 07:26:49 PST, 43°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
6:30 No weather data today since Steve was not working, instead I tweeted to Steve about our weekend. After I watched some TV and reviewed my email and text messages. I did doze off a number of times.

By 8:15 I got up and went downstairs a bit later for breakfast and my morning medication. My pain levels were quite high for this time of day, guess it is because of yesterday’s added activities.

Dean was busy this morning, which was fine since I had lab work and a follow-up appointment scheduled for this morning.

Returning home I needed to rest as my left hip’s pain got so high I could hardly walk.

Lunch – 12:15:39 PST, 66°F Clear, Antioch, CA
Just before lunch, I took pictures of our Freesia flower that just now started to Bloom Trying to go back inside became a problem as my hip acted up again. I did make it, thanks to having my cane with me.

Denise, who was out grocery shopping came back home with late lunch. Afterward, I tried to work on my photos but dozed off instead.

Afternoon – 14:26:37 PST, 72°F Clear, Antioch, CA
There is not much to write about since most of the Time I either was in a dozing stage or trying to sort out the many pictures I took on three different cameras. My plan I envision is to link the set of daily pictures, which is an album on Flickr.

To do so, I need to upload the photos from any of my three cameras I use currently to my laptop, apply a number of cleanups and tasked before uploading them to Flickr. These tasks include renaming the photo file name, adding metadata for description and checking on the White Balance.

Today, I was not able to this for the small set of photos I took.

Evening – 18:22:48 PST, 63°F Clear, Antioch, CA
I was able to finally put together today’s report, one piece at the time. Starting just before lunchtime, I started to assemble the list of today’s activities and tasks. Most of the items on the list I got done before eating dinner, the rest I did after dinner. I completed the report shortly after dinner

I rested afterward watching some TV before calling a day.