2020-02-27 Living with Cancer Day 1085

2020-02-27 Living with Cancer Day 1085

Overall pain-wise it was another good day, however, the morning sweating that started on Monday is still there. The more I am active in the morning the more I sweat. It ends around 9:30 each day. Luckily I don’t sweat during the day.

As to my shoulder pain no change, however, my hip pain has improved, could it be that I was moving around a bit more help.

Morning – 07:59:04 PST, 48°F Clear, Antioch, CA
I got up a bit earlier because of my appointment at the Cancer Center for my monthly Zometa Infusion. After having my breakfast and taking all my medication, I was on time for Dianne to pick me up for my 9:30 appointment.

The blood draw and infusion took only one hour. Before going home we stopped at Lowe’s for a few bags of garden soil. We were back home around 11:00.

Lunch – 11:05:08 PST, 63°F Clear, Antioch, CA
Getting back home, I helped Dianne with her setup to work from home. Because she works from home, I had to put off to restore my LAN setup, since doing so would affect the wireless section, which works 100% currently. My best guess is to do when Dianne works from work to the weekend.

We had a Vegetable Barley soup for lunch, before continuing to get ready to work outside.

Afternoon – 12:56:50 PST, 70°F Clear, Antioch, CA
After lunch, around 1:00 PM (13:00) we got ready to move to the backyard to enjoy the nice warm weather and keeping Dianne company since she was working from home today. It took me some time to get set up since this is the first time since at least two summers ago.

Last year I was not able to work from our outside patio, after spending all that money to have the wireless networking and electrical outlets upgraded, not to mention the replacement of the patio interlocking bricks with a patterned concrete floor to help me from tripping. I was not able to enjoy those improvements because spending much time
in the hospital.

After setting things up I was able to upload today’s photos of our yellow blooming cacti to Flickr, with titles, description and tags, ready to be used within my blog postings, which is still experimental as I want to use the same daily collections to a type of small Albums within the Photography section of my Blog. But that is still a bit away for now.

Evening – 16:11:13 PST, 75°F Clear, Antioch, CA
I made it to 5:00 PM (17:00) before going back inside to get ready for dinner. Since we all worked all so hard this afternoon, Denise brought home dinner. This gave me some extra time to clean up things.

Nothing special happened this evening, we watched TV until it was time to end the day.

I used the time to finish today’s blog entry, having a hard time staying awake, but I got it done.

NOTE: Please note the inclusion of the photo is still experimental as I try to get the bugs out. Currently, you may see the photo in two overlapping frames when clicking on the photo to enlarge it and get the title, etc.

Photo of the Day: