2020-03-04 Living with Cancer Day 1091

2020-03-04 Living with Cancer Day 1091

Today was a good day, the weather allowed me to be outside starting with the end of the morning.

My pain levels were at an acceptable level. However, my left foot heel still has a sore spot that needs to be taken care of.

Morning – 07:12:31 PST, 45°F Clear, Antioch, CA
I woke up around 6:50 to collect the weather data for Steve and read the morning news until about 7:15. My left foot’s heel is feeling better, but there is still an area that hurts when touched or walked on.

I also still have stomach problems and dizziness very early in the morning, so I took a Zofran and dizziness pills that help by the time I got dressed and went to my office to clean up my computer desk there I have 3 system with four monitors setup.

I went downstairs at 8:15 to have my breakfast and medication and was ready at 9:00 to check with Dean on his plan for today. It turned out he had to take his sister again to Kaiser for a followup appointment and would not be back until the afternoon.

On the good side, it gave me time to figure out how to utilize the box using a number of punches to hold things like Amazon’s Outdoor Echo Dot, External Speaker, and all the cabling.

Lunch – 11:05:43 PST, 66°F Clear, Antioch, CA
My work on fitting all the stuff for having an outside office continued until noon, just to take my second dose of the chemo pill (Venclexta). It requires to be taken with food and liquid. I had some Vegetable soup with a slice of bread with lots of Smart Water, meeting the requirement.

After my lunch, I started to take my laptop, iPad, and iPhone outside with my utility box and started to test the setup. It took me about 45 minutes to set up and test it.

Before I started to work with the new setup I took today’s picture of our Annual that are now in bloom all of the different colors.

Afternoon – 13:05:03 PST, 73°F Clear, Antioch, CA
My first task was to work on the photo uploading, processing and linking to my blog. It took me to 4:00 PM to have sorted out the first four days of March. I still have to finalize my Photography Block, I have started with the basics, creating a Collection that contains each day’s Album.

Around 4:00 PM it was time to back up with addressing the setup changed that should help as we move forward and may require further changes as we incorporate what we have now.

I got everything back inside just in time for getting ready for the dinner and the evening.

Evening – 17:00:37 PST, 75°F Clear, Antioch, CA
Our dinner today was Chicken Pot Pie with extra baby carrots. We started to watch the last episode of Doctor Who at the start of dinner since it is 2 hours long.

After I had finished my dinner, I started to work on this blog posting and Photo Album, still watching Doctor Who. After I was done with my work and Doctor Who was over, we continued to watch some TV before we called it a day.

Photo of the Day: