2020-03-05 Living with Cancer Day 1092

2020-03-05 Living with Cancer Day 1092

Today was a good day, the weather was not as good as yesterday, but still good enough to allowed me t0 be outside for a few hours.

My pain levels were at an acceptable level. However, my left foot heel still has a sore spot that needs to be taken care of.

Morning – 07:29:03 PST, 46°F Clear, Antioch, CA
I woke up around 6:15 to collect the weather data for Steve and read the morning news until about 7:15. My left foot’s heel is feeling better, but there is still an area that hurts when touched or walked on.

I also still have stomach problems and dizziness very early in the morning, so I took a Zofran and dizziness pills that help by the time I got dressed and went downstairs at 8:15 to have my breakfast and first set of medication, and was ready for an early 8:30 FaceTime call with Ray. We did not have our 9 o’clock Wednesday call because of some traffic delays.

After our short call, ending at 9:00, Dean called me about his plan for today. It turned out he had a few appointments shortly after lunch and therefore he wanted to start early today.

We both needed some stuff from Lowe’s, we started there. I got a short electric cord with a remote On/Off switch to control the small water fountain that is close to my work station.

On the way home, Dean wanted to check out a new subdivision on the southern city border. It turned out it had no single-story houses, so we left to go home.

Since we have never been in this area, Dean suggested we take a few minutes to explore the area, especially since it is very elevated given some houses great views. We were lucky and found a public area around Hillcrest Ave and Prewett Ranch Drive, good enough for me to take pictures from the southern border looking North.

Lunch – 11:15:22 PST, 61°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
We got back to Dean’s around 11:15, giving me enough time to fix his electric space heater and be back home by noon.

For lunch, I warmed up my Chinese leftover and since it was outside still warm I had my lunch outside. I also decided to set up my outside work station for me to work right after lunch.

Afternoon – 16:51:01 PST, 63°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
It turns out my afternoon tasks has turned in to a repeating workflow:

• Starting with the picture upload to my laptop
• Renaming the file name to YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS[x]
• Batch Processing the RAW files with Photolemur 3
• Selecting the best photo from each set of 3 (bracketed when taken)
• Uploading the selected photo to Flickr
• Edit each photo’s Name, Description, and Tags
• Tag a photo as ‘Photo of the Day (POD)’
• Select Album
• Upload all photos
• Include POD in a daily blog entry

This workflow takes between 2-3 hours.

The setup is also ready to be used for my Photo Blog I am starting to get working again. It involves creating daily Albums and Collections to be used within each blog page.

It took me to 4:00 PM to have sorted out today’s set, including creating the daily album adding it to the monthly Collection. Because the temperature dropped I went back inside, just in time for getting ready for the dinner and the evening.

Evening – 17:00:18 PST, 63°F Partly Cloudy Antioch, CA
After dinner, I started to work on today’s Blog Posting and Photo Album, watching TV in the background. After having finished it and published, I continued to watch TV until calling it a day.

Photo of the Day: