2020-03-06 Living with Cancer Day 1093

2020-03-06 Living with Cancer Day 1093

Today was not a good or bad day, the weather was not as good as at the start of the week, keeping us inside.

My pain levels were a bit big, but at an acceptable level. My left foot heel still’ has a sore spot that needs to be taken care of. The other problem that has surfaced is me falling asleep around mid-afternoon, unable to do anything, including working on my blog.

Morning – 06:29:19 PST, 48°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
I woke up a bit late for assembling the weather data to be sent to Steve at KTVU. Dianne asked me to check in my Tweet with Steve when’s it a good time to cut the grass before it rains? His reply was “Tell Dianne mow the lawn today! Don’t wait until tomorrow.”

I dozed off again and got up around 8:00, got dressed and did some more cleaning in my office before going downstairs.

I had my breakfast and took my medication. I checked with Dean but got no answer. He called me back 30 minutes later letting me know that his morning schedule was busy, but we could go out in 30 minutes and take some pictures. We went to the public dock downtown Antioch to take some pictures with lines the major object being lined, such as the railroad tracks running along the shoreline.

I got back home shortly before 11:00 to get ready for my lunch with Bill, Greg and Larry, ex-colleagues with Premenos.

Lunch – 10:55:06 PST, 57°F, Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
Bill and Greg arrived around noon, with Larry joining our lunch via FaceTime. Our main topic was the Coronavirus and playing music on an old Casio Electronic Keyboard.

At our last lunch it was Shirley that suggested instead of playing the guitar on my bucket list, why not use another instrument, such as a keyboard. Greg responds to my question if anyone had a keyboard they did not use, by bring it by today to check it out. It is a Casiotone CT-810, which is 35 years old, but in good working condition. I agreed to keep it, looking forward to learning playing on it.

Afternoon – 13:03:00 PST, 63°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
After Bill and Greg left I started to work on today’s photos, however, I dozed off constantly. I recall that I had the same reaction on Wednesday after taking the chemo pill, trying to stay awake.

Around 4:00, the dozing off stopped for a bit, allowing me to finish my photo upload to Flickr and creating the daily album. Shortly after I dozed off again and waking up just in time for dinner.

Evening – 18:22:00 PST, 52°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
After dinner, I started again to work on today’s Blog Posting and Photo Album, watching TV in the background. However, I was not able to finish and publish it, even continue to watch TV was not a go Dianne told me to just call it a day.

Photo of the Day: