2020-03-10 Living with Cancer Day 1097

2020-03-10 Living with Cancer Day 1097

Today was a busy day having two doctor appointments to look after my heel pain and working on my blog entries backlog. I was good until shortly before evening when my doziness problem showed up again.

Morning – 06:30:07 PDT, 45°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
I had to get up very early for my 7:30 doctor appointment. Dianne came to pick me up. My Primary Doctor took his time before sharing his findings, which are it is some kind of ulcer. To move forward it is best to have the Wound Care experts take a look. We were able to get an appointment today at 12:45.

Getting back home I finally had breakfast and took all my medication. Because the pain was now when I walk, therefore I kept my walking to a minimum. However, since I was not sure what my schedule would be today, and there were some good clouds present, I took my photos for Project 365, from our backyard. After I rested in my recliner.

Around 9:30 I checked with Dean, he had an 11:00 appointment, therefore we just took a small trip to Lowe’s since both of us had an item to get, for me, it was grass fertilize.

We got back by 10:30, enough time for Dean to make his appointment.

Lunch – 12:35:31 PDT, 64°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
Returning from our short shopping trip, I rested for a bit before making lunch and getting ready for my appointment at 12:45 at the Sutter Delta Medical Center Advanced Wound Care. Dianne picked me up around 12:10.

Afternoon – 13:06:19 PDT, 66°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
Our appointment with the Sutter Delta Medical Center Advanced Wound Care (SDMC-ADC) experts was two hours. In summary, the AWC doctor, after consultation with my oncology doctor, agrees not to do a biopsy, it is an ulcer and should go away with simply antibiotic cream. I have an appointment one week from now unless next Monday my Oncology Doctor determines that it has healed enough and we cancel the meeting.

Getting back home the first thing we did is to change our hotel booking since our trip to Valencia this week is off for this week, we will go a week later. Afterward, I started to work on my photo uploads and blog entries.

Evening – 16:59:18 PDT, 72°F Clear, Antioch, CA
Dinner was a bit late, therefore I had time to work a bit more on today’s blog. After dinner, I continued with today’s blog and watched some TV in the background. By the time I was done it was time to retire.

Photo of the Day: