2020-03-11 Living with Cancer Day 1098

2020-03-11 Living with Cancer Day 1098

Today was another busy day having to go to SF for a special doctor appointment to look after my eye and still finding time to do some shopping and working on my today’s blog entry. Health-wise it was not too bad my shoulder and back pain was at a very low level because I was sitting for most of the day, however, getting up and walking did raise the levels very high. Overall it was a good day.

Morning – 06:10:59 PDT, 50°F Clear, Antioch, CA
Today I got my weather data to Steve early around 6:15 after which I dozed off; waking up at 7:15 getting dressed, doing my morning chores and being downstairs at 7:30. I had breakfast took my medicine and was ready for San Francisco.

We left for UCSF MC Eye Clinic at 8:30 and arrived at 10:00. Since our appointment was for 11:00, Dianne asks if there is a change to get in earlier, especially since my ulcer on my left needed to be elevated, sitting around for an hour in the waiting room, was not the best. They did start with their three-step process by putting us in a room that would be used for all three at 10:30. Normally you move from room to room and sometimes back to the waiting room.

Lunch – 10:30:27 PDT, 57°F Clear, San Francisco, CA
The whole process takes anywhere from 2 to 6 h out o 1 1/2 hours, today it took a bit over 2 hours. On the good news side, the infection is gone, we are now in the maintenance stage. Medication dosage is for now cut in half and my next appointment is in 6 months. All good news. As to my vision it still will take some time for the tiny blood vessels to disappear and my eye being able to focus as the thin fog is disappearing.

After getting to the car we decided to drop by at IKEA for lunch. We did arrive for our lunch around 1:00 (13:00) and enjoyed every bite. We had a short shopping list from Denise and therefore did some shopping, including adding a few items ourselves. As a side note, I did a lot of walking throughout IKEA, the most I can remember for some time.

Afternoon – 13:00:25 PDT, 70°F Clear, Antioch, CA
We went back on the road and stopped at Costco around 3:00 PM. We were not able to buy Water, Toilet Paper, and Paper Towels because they were sold out. We finally got home around 4:00 PM. After unloading our car we both went to work on stuff that needed to be done today. I started this blog, but doziness started to show up again making it hard to write since when I doze off my finger(s) land on the keyboard keys write a long string of garbage, sometimes even deleting stuff I had just written. I got this far by 6:30 PM (18:30).

Evening – 17:00:16 PDT, 72°F Clear, Antioch, CA
Because of us having had a late lunch at IKEA we had dinner at 6:00 PM. I, therefore, I worked until then and afterward. I got this done by 6:30 PM. There is not much more to write about Other than we watched some TV until it was time to retire.