2020-03-12 Living with Cancer Day 1099

2020-03-12 Living with Cancer Day 1099

For starters, I am trying a new format, instead of writing long paragraphs of my activities I am using a bullet list, with optional sub-bullets. Let me know how you like it. The summary section with not using bullets and will be about my health and general outline of my activities.

Health-wise it was a good day, I notice an improvement of my heel pain having walk more today, with the exception yesterday, then before the issue showed up. Walking did not affect my shoulder pain as much, however, my lower back pain is still increasing when walking for more than 10 minutes.

Activity-wise I was busy but enjoyed my time going shopping with Dean and spending time with Alice. I was a bit limited by my heel what I could do, but did not have a major impact, actually, it help with resting more which helps with the healing of my heel.

Morning – 06:15:14 PDT, 48°F Clear, Antioch, CA

• 6:15 Woke up and collected weather data to send to Steve at KTVU
• 7:15 Got up and dressed, did my morning chores and went downstairs
• 8:15 Had breakfast and took my first set of medication
• 9:00 Took my Antibiotics and Dilaudid
• Prepared my medication pill set up for today
• 10:00 out with Dean for a quick trip to Burlington and Lowe’s
• Back home at 11:00

Lunch – 13:07:27 PDT, 70°F Clear, Antioch, CA

• 11:00 Spend some time in Dean’s Backyard to take some photos of his fish.
• 12:00 Time for my Chemo pill
• 12:05 Alice arrived for our lunch to bring with her Soup and Dessert.
• 12:15 After our lunch we chatted about many topics, such as
• my health with the eye and heel,
• the latest news regarding the Coronavirus, and
• various political issues.
• 13:00 Watched the photos I took during our trip to Monterey
• 14: 00 Alice left for home

Afternoon – 12, at 14:00:04 PDT, 75°F Clear, Antioch, CA

• 14:05 Quick FaceTime call with Kenji
• 14:15 Dianne got home and we did some unloading and storing of groceries she got. We also chatted for a while about our day.
• 14:55 I finally had some time to rest and put my feet up to control my water retention.
• 15:05 Started to work on this blog and watch some TV in the background.
• 16:00 Continued with my blog and working on my photo workflow, kept company with Dianne who continued to work on her work stuff.

Evening – at 16:48:29 PDT, 75°F Clear, Antioch, CA

• 17:05 Getting Ready for dinner, but continuing with working on photos
• 17:30 Dinner
• 18:00 Finishing dinner with dessert, watching TV and finalizing blog posting.
• 20:00 Ready to call it a day.

Photo of the Day:

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  1. I like the new format. It’s good to change things up. You certainly had a full day! The picture of the day isn’t showing up for me anymore. It just says loading…

  2. Klaus, I like your new blog format. It’s a good way to keep us all posted on how things are with you. Give me a FT call when you have a chance.

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