2020-03-13 Living with Cancer Day 1100

2020-03-13 Living with Cancer Day 1100


Since I got no feedback about the new format I will go ahead and use it until the end of next week (21 March). Depending on any feedback and my own thoughts about it, I will go ahead with the new format as is, in a modified way, or back to the old form.

Health-wise it was not a bad day, I was able to enjoy the time with my Premenos colleagues without too much shoulder and back pain. However, my hip pain shows up as the day progresses and I need to use my cane.

Morning – 07:14:25 PDT, 45°F Clear, Antioch, CA

• 6:05 Woke up and collected weather data to send to Steve at KTVU
• 8:00 Got up and dressed, did my morning chores and went downstairs
• 8:15 Had breakfast and took my first set of medication
• 9:00 Took my Antibiotics and Dilaudid
• I prepared my medication pill set up for today
• 9:20 Check with Dean about his plans for this morning
• 9:45 Dean and I went to Home Depot for the items we did not find yesterday at Lowe’s, got finally:
• The lightbulb threat reducer
• Ceiling fan chain
• Water, and
• USB Cable hooks
• Back home at 11:00

Lunch – 11:05:04 PDT, 61°F Clear, Antioch, CA

11:05 Taking photos of the lone tree beside Mary’s house on Elkhorn Way. The tree was totally cut down last year to the biggest limbs, but since then has started to grow back.
11:35 Back home preparing lunch for later, soup with two slices of Sourdough Bread.
12:00 Larry checked in via FaceTime, we chatted about what happened since last Friday
12:15 Bill arrived joining our conversation, with James arriving 5 minutes later.
12:20 We started to eat our lunch and started to talk about the virus outbreak, how their companies are dealing with it and the upcoming rain.
13:00 James left to do some work at home. Larry signed off around 13:30 and Bill left around 14:00.

Afternoon – 14:25:58 PDT, 68°F Clear, Antioch, CA

14:00 started to go through my mail and news items but started to doze off every so often.
14:45 After talking with Dianne we canceled our trip to Dieter next week. Will rebook after the Coronavirus situation has been resolved and it is safe to travel taking my immune deficiency into account.
15:00 Started to do some internet searching for items no longer available locally. After 2 hours of searching, all I see is “Currently not Available”. Luckily we had started a few days ago to get our health-related Items.
17:05 Woke up as I had fallen asleep a number of time during the last two hours

Evening – 17:14:15 PDT, 61°F Clear, Antioch, CA

• 17:05 Getting Ready for dinner, but continuing with working on photos
• 17:30 Dinner
• 18:00 Finishing dinner with dessert, watching TV and finalizing blog posting.
• 20:00 Ready to call it a day.

Photo of the Day:

As to the picture of the day, I do have it, but due to activity constrains it is not uploaded and linked to the text button above. I shall have the link active by next weekend.