2020-03-16 Living with Cancer Day 1103

2020-03-16 Living with Cancer Day 1103


Health-wise it was not a bad day. All the resting did well for my heel, as well as my shoulder. However, my hips don’t like the resting part, it is too long. As to my eye, there is a small improvement with the “grey” filter, it has more transparency and translucency, allow me to see more.

Activity-wise, it started off being busy but as the day progressed my activities became less and less. Overall resting has done me good.

Morning – 07:34:10 PDT, 37°F Light Rain, Antioch, CA

7:30 Getting up, dressed and doing my morning chores
8:15 Downstairs for breakfast and morning medication.
9:15 Dianne picked me up for my blood draw and doctor’s appointment.
• Lab numbers look good, therefore we will continue with the chemo pill treatment.
• As to my heel, an MRI will be scheduled to see if there is some unexpected.
• Because of the current virus status, I am now under house arrest.
10:00 Back home

Lunch – 12:06:19 PDT, 43°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA

11:00 Dianne came home since she was sent home for the next 2+ weeks. The reason being is she has to stay healthy just because of me.
12:00 Dianne made lunch for the two of us. Afterward, we started to work on our stuff. We played some TV shows in the background for sanity.

Afternoon – 13:08:52 PDT, 45°F Overcast, Antioch, CA

13:00 Dianne and I continued to work on our stuff since both of us have been working from home for over a year now. For Dianne it is a small change since she worked mostly after 14:00 from home, now it is all day for her.

Evening – 17:20:58 PDT, 48°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA

17:00 Still working on my stuff, interesting I have no problem today to keep my eyes open.
17:30 Dinner time, no issues eating my dinner without dozing off afterward. Dianne and Denise continued watching TV and soon we all called it a day.

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