2020-03-17 Living with Cancer Day 1104

2020-03-17 Living with Cancer Day 1104

For starters, we are ordered to Shelter in place at home. It means don’ leave home. An effort by the California Government to address the coronavirus.

Health-wise it was at first not a good day because my stomach was not doing too good. By mid-afternoon it had settled down, allowing me to rest and work on my laptop and iPad.

Activity-wise, I did very little until after mid-afternoon. Overall resting has done very well.

Morning – 06:15:03 PDT, 36°F Clear, Antioch, CA

6:15 Woke up and collected weather data to send to Steve at KTVU
6:45 Dianne prepared breakfast for us to have in bed
7:30 Getting up, dressed and doing my morning chores
8:15 Downstairs for my morning medication
8:30 Getting ready for my FU appointment with Wound Care
9:00 At Wound Care:
• The ulcer is slowly healing
• Got a different antibiotic and dressing to secure the cream in place
• New supplies will be delivered to home
• Next appointment in 3 weeks, unless things change for the worse
9:30 Back home
9:35 Dianne hooks up hydration
9:40 My stomach doesn’t feel good, delaying taking antibiotics. Resting in my recliner
9:50 Take my antibiotics
10:55 Wake up from a short sleep and take the rest of my morning meds

Lunch – 10:57:19 PDT, 46°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA

11:00 Done with hydration
11:05 Continue to rest
12:25 Since my stomach was still not 100%, I had two slices of toast for lunch. Did encountered some stomach cramps during eating.

Afternoon – 13:02:47 PDT, 52°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA

13:00 Still having stomach issues, but way down in pain level. Continuing to rest.
13:30 Start feeling better. Spend some time searching Amazon for a missing doubling on my CPAP machine.
15:00 Took my medication and went outside into our backyard to take today’s set of photos.
15:15 Uploaded today’s photos and worked on processing them as well as the backlog of earlier ones.

Evening – 17:01:35 PDT, 54°F Overcast, Antioch, CA

17:00 I am still working on organizing my photos. I am starting to run out of disk space on my laptop which is the main system for my photo workflow.
17:15 Having dinner
17:45 Continue to work on my photos and watched TV in the background until calling it a day.

Photo of the Day: