2020-03-19 Living with Cancer Day 1106

2020-03-19 Living with Cancer Day 1106


Health-wise it was a good day, except for the sweating in the morning, which however was not as strong. Today the work in my office did not raise my pain levels. All that energy caused me to doze off a number of times.

Activity-wise, I was again very active in the morning working on minimizing my office setup. Resting helped a bit in recovering, we did not hydrate today, which we should have.

Morning – 06:15:49 PDT, 41°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA

6:15 Woke up and collected weather data to send to Steve at KTVU
7:00 Dianne prepared breakfast for us to have in bed
7:15 Stayed in bed, watched the news, read my emails and checked my notations
8:15 Got up and dressed and took my morning medication
8:30 Went to my office with Dianne to work on minimizing the setup
11:00 Went downstairs

Lunch – 12:55:28 PDT, 55°F Clear, Antioch, CA

11:30 Going outside in front of the house to take today’s photo of clouds
12:15 Having lunch
12:30 Downloaded today’s Photos
12:35 Collecting old SD-Cards for creating a library of original photos

Afternoon – 13:00:34 PDT, 55°F Clear, Antioch, CA

13:15 Working on figuring out how to best use Google Drive, Dropbox and NAS drive for photos, music and document archival storage.
15:00 FaceTime call with Kenji
15:30 Starting to work on my blog

Evening – 17:30:20 PDT, 59°F Clear, Antioch, CA

17:35 Started dinner
17:40 Continue working on today’s blog entry watched TV in the background and more after finishing the blog entry, until calling it a day.

Photo of the Day: