2020-03-24 Living with Cancer Day 1111

2020-03-24 Living with Cancer Day 1111


Health-wise it was another good day, very little; as to sweating it was light and an on/off affair. The work in my office did not raise my pain levels but took most of my energy, which was restored with rest and hydration.

Activity-wise, it was a repeat of the last few days, a very active morning working on minimizing my office setup. Continue with sorting and organizing my paper manuals.

Morning – 07:30:10 PDT, 46°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA

6:15 Woke up and collected weather data to send to Steve at KTVU
7:15 Dianne prepared breakfast for us to have in bed
7:45 Stayed in bed, watched the news, read my emails and checked my notations
8:15 Got up and dressed and took my morning medication
8:30 Went to my office to continue to work on minimizing and sorted the content of the storage bins

Lunch – 12:00:25 PDT, 57°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA

12:00 Got downstairs
12:15 Had lunch
12:45 Started to sort my paper manuals

Afternoon – 13:05:50 PDT, 55°F Drizzle, Antioch, CA

13:30 Took today’s photos
14:00 Continued to sort my paper manual

Evening – 17:00:34 PDT, 55°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA

17:10 Dinner
17:30 Started to work on today’s blog entry, watched TV in the background and more after finishing the blog entry, until calling it a day.

Photo of the Day: