2020-03-31 Living with Cancer Day 1118

2020-03-31 Living with Cancer Day 1118


Today was the first afternoon I got a bit more done activity-wise allowing me to finish my blog and post it. I apologize for missing posts from the 27th to the 30th. I will add them as I get the time and don’t fall asleep in the afternoon.

Health-wise a repeating pattern, starting with a good morning and lunch, but deteriorating as the day progressed.

Activity-wise, the same repeating pattern as with my health, full of energy at the start of the day, afterward slowing down to a complete stop.

Morning – 07:12:10 PDT, 48°F Clear, Antioch, CA

6:30 Send weather data to Steve
7:00 Dianne back from work.
7:15 Had Breakfast with Dianne in bed
8:00 Dianne applied medication and bandage to my right heel
8:30 Took my morning medication and got dressed
8:45 Took my antibiotics medication and went to my office
9:00 Setup my devices on my main desk
10:30 Started FaceTime session with Ray
11:30 Ended FaceTime session with Ray
11:35 Spend time to find items needed to complete my office device setup on Amazon
12:00 Went downstairs for lunch

Lunch – 11:11:57 PDT, 59°F Clear, Antioch, CA

12;00 Had lunch
12:15 Searched for a missed placed SD-Card with yesterday’s and today’s which have not yesterday be uploaded for processing.

Afternoon – 13:01:38 PDT, 64°F Clear, Antioch, CA

13:20 Continue to search for the misplaced SD-Cards.
15:30 Found the misplaced SD-cards and started photo workflow
16:30 Woke up from dozing off
16:31 Checked out the progress of the workflow and stared on my blog for today.

Evening – 18:20:14 PDT, 64°F Clear, Antioch, CA

17:15 Dinner
18:00 Finished today’s blog entry, watched TV in the background and more after finishing the blog entry, until calling it a day.

Photo of the Day: