2020-04-04 Living with Cancer Day 1122

2020-04-04 Living with Cancer Day 1122


Health-wise no changes from yesterday.

Activity-wise, a slow start but as time progressed I got my morning and early afternoon work done before we relaxed and watched a movie and some TV episodes. Overall not a bad day.

Morning – 07:07:29 PDT, 46°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA

06:30 Breakfast
07:00 Watching TV
08:45 Dianne applied medication and bandage to my right heel
09:00 Took my morning medication and got dressed
09:15 Rain started
09:20 Rested upstairs as my back and shoulders are at a pain level 6 because I missed changing patches yesterday.
09:25 Reading up on using Evernote.
10:00 Went to my Office and set up my work environment (iPhone, iPad and laptop on my main desk).
10:15 Working on my setup for backing up my files.

Lunch – 11:00:52 PDT, 52°F Light Rain, Antioch, CA

11:00 Took pictures of Dianne and Denise finished work putting a frosted film on the glass doors on the shelf unit.
11:20 Started to shutdown my setup to go downstairs.
12:00 Went downstairs and had lunch.
12:30 Moved files around to get ready for the “How to use Flickr” project.

Afternoon – 13:00:46 PDT, 55°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA

13:00 Synced data amongst the MacBook, iPad, and iPhone.
14:00 Watched “The Lion King”
16:00 Did the banking, paying property taxes, PG&E, etc.
16:15 Watched Netflix’s “Lost in Space”

Evening – 17:00:37 PDT, 55°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA

17:00 Having dinner
18:00 Finished today’s blog entry, watched TV in the background and more after finishing the blog entry, until calling it a day