2020-05-31 Blog Update

Many of you maybe wondering why there have been no new blog entries. It has been almost two months since my last entry. The main reason for the lack of new entries, is my body wanting to rest, causing me to constantly doze off.

I would start composing the post only to wake up with my text gone because my fingers rested on the keyboard, causing tons of random characters, overwriting or deleting what I had written.

Before I start with drafting my entry, I have a number of daily tasks that need be done such as taking my morning walk, getting hydrated at home, going to any appointments such as blood draws, injections, and doctors, and other physical tasks including taking my daily photos as part of Project 365.

By the time I am done with the above it is time to get ready for dinner and start with drafting my daily post. However, because of the medication I take, my body wants to rest as mention above, making it impossible to draft and publish my daily post.

Starting tomorrow, June 1st, I will try to startup with the daily posting again, but in a different format and with the help of Denise and Dianne. The posts will be much shorter, containing important tasks I did, medical status and any plans for the next day that are of important.

I will outline the post content to Denise, who with help of Dianne will draft the posting in detail to be published after dinner. The posting may include the photo of the day, depending on the efforts to have it uploaded to Flick.

One thought on “2020-05-31 Blog Update

  1. Klaus,

    So good to see your blog on May 31. Your plan to have Denise and Dianne help you with this sounds great. We celebrated Judy’s 78th birthday on May 31. I’ll catch up to her in 14 days, Lord willing.

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