2020-06-02 Living With Cancer – Day 1175

Today I woke up to both of my shoulder blades at a pain level 4 and my lower back at a level 3. After breakfast the pain level for my shoulder blades increased to a level 5, which stayed that way during my morning walk. No change in the level for my back which stated at 3. The pain levels for both stay that way for the rest of the day.

Activity wise it was not as busy as yesterday, It started with the morning walk, which tired me out. Getting back home, I took my pictures for the day. After that, I rested, did some prepwork for my photo albums, but I dozed off and almost missed my FaceTime call with Ray. After talking with Ray, I joined my support group meeting. The rest of the afternoon was spend uploading today’s and yesterday’s. photos to Flickr.