2020-06-03 Living with Cancer – Day 1176

Today I woke up with lower levels of pain, with my shoulder blade pain at a level 3 and lower back a level 1. During the day, when active, the shoulder pain increased up to a level 5, depending on the length of activity and the lower back pain increased up to level 2. Resting helped lower the shoulder back to level 3 and lower back to level 1. Upon resting for awhile, the lower back pain even dropped to a level 0 for a short period of time.

Activity wise it was again not a busy day. It started with the morning walk, which had a photo break that tired me out because I had to walk without support. Continuing the walk reduced the pain level quickly. Getting back home, I rested, did some prepwork for my photo workflow to start after my FaceTime call with Ray. I ended up having a FT call with Paul before Ray and after lunch another FT call with my uncle, Don in Canada.

The rest of the afternoon was spent uploading today’s photos to Flickr and watching some TV and Barack Obama in a virtual town hall. Ending my day with a fish sandwich for dinner.

I have attached the Pain Scale developed by Stanford and now used by almost all hospitals and many other medical doctor offices. Click on the link below.

Pain Scale