2020-06-04 Living with Cancer – Day 1777

Like yesterday, I woke up with my shoulder blade pain at a level 3 and lower back a level 1. During the day, when active, the shoulder pain increased up to a level 4 and the lower back pain increased up to level 2. The main reason for the lower levels during the day was because I spend most of the time sitting. Upon resting for awhile, the lower back pain even dropped to a level 0, for a short period of time.

Activity wise it was a very difficult day. I did not take my morning walk, since we had to go to UCSF in San Francisco for a doctor appointment. A 90 minute drive each way. The wait time, blood draw and appointment with the doctors, took another 90 minutes. By the time we got back home it was ‪2:00‬. All together, I spend 5 hours sitting down, with little time for getting up, and walking around.

Getting back home, I spend sometime, about 10 minutes, helping clean up the house, to get my body moving. I reated getting up, doing different things, a few more times until dinner. For dinner we had a special homemade Chicken Teriyaki bowl. Over all not a bad day.

As to the outcome of the UCSF appointment, I will write about it starting next week. It was all about my treatment options and beyond.