2020-06-06 Living with Cancer – Day 1779

Today’s pain was very different. Starting after waking up, my back pain was already at level three. The shoulder blade pain had moved to the center of my back, more along the spine line, with a level of five. In addition, I had abdomen pain for a short time at a level three. The back and spine pain stayed around for most of the day at a level three when resting. Moving around in general with increases of one pain point.

Activity wise it was also a different day thanks to Dieter, Carsten, and Renee being here for the weekend. I started by having breakfast in bed with Dianne and watching Bayern Munchen beat Bayern Leverkusen 4:2. Afterwards I went downstairs to go for a walk with Carsten and Dianne, taken some photos along the way. Dieter made lunch and afterwards I rested in my chair, sorting out yesterday’s report and photos. I got up a few times to make sure my body did not stiffen up.

Before dinner I went into our backyard to keep Dianne company, as she watered the flowers. It was very windy, with up to 25mph gusts. After dinner we had some quality family time before I went upstairs to call it a day.