2020-06-07 Living with Cancer – Day 1780

Today, after a good night’s sleep, I woke up with my shoulder at a pain level four and my lower back at a level three. After breakfast, the pain levels drop to three and two respectively. The pain stayed that way for most of the day, increased when active, and dropping when resting.

I did not mention the status of my right eye, which was infected at the end of my stem cell boost. The infection was treated, but the small blood vessels still are there. What I need to watch is that the level of cloudiness in my right eyes does not increase and my left eye stays as perfect as possible. So far things are OK.

Activity wise today was a lazy day. I stayed in bed until about 8:00, dozing off a number of times. I did spend a short period of time in the backyard to take my set of pictures for the day, processed and uploaded them to Flickr. Most of the day was spend resting and watching TV.