2020-06-09 Living With Cancer – Day 1792

During the night, the pain in my left leg woke me up with a level four. It lasted for about 30-45 minutes, my shoulder and back were at level three to four for short period and afterward at level two before falling back to sleep.

Waking up my lower shoulder and upper lower back where both at level three and stayed that way getting up and during my walk. They incresed at the end of my walk for a short period to level four for both. Resting and getting hydration reduced the pain levels to three for the shoulder and to a two for the lower back. These pain levels stayed that way for the FaceTime calls and Zoom call with the cancer support group.

Just before lunch and until bed time I started to have short pain busts, in my right hip lasting less than a minute at level 5. Going to bed raised my shoulder and lower back temporarily for and three, about 15 minutes later they are back normal.

Activity wise it was not a very active day. I had my morning walk, got up every time I had a break in my FaceTime calls and during taking my photos today. I have to be more active to have good days.