2020-06-11 Living With Cancer – Day 1794

My pain levels waking up this morning were three for my lower shoulders and two for my lower back. It stayed this way until the start of my morning walk. At the end of the walk the levels had increased to four and three for my shoulders and back. After a short rest they returned to three and two.

For the rest of the day the levels stayed in the lower ranges, with the exception when walking around in the house without any support, such as a cane, for more than 5 minutes. At that time the levels can be as high as five/three respectively. However with in less than 15 minutes of resting they returned to their lower pain levels.

Activity wise it was an active day, but mostly not physically. Before my morning walk I spend some time in my office to work on my MacMini setup to be used later. After my morning walk, I had three FaceTime sessions all before lunch. Between the calls I had time to get up and walk around. During lunch, James dropped off my MacMini Server he had fixed for me, which I checked out following lunch.

After lunch I had two more FaceTime calls before going outside and taking today’s photos, the subject was our yellow and orange Hibiscus plants. The day ended with me uploading and processing today’s photo and working on this blog entry, which somewhat got rather large.