2020-06-15 Living With Cancer = Day 1798

Today started off with the pain levels being normal as it has been for the last five days. The normal level being three for the shoulder and two for the lower back.

These levels stayed through breakfast, going for a blood draw and starting my walk. The levels changed at the end of my walk at which time it was a four and three. After my walk, resting and, getting ready for FaceTime the levels slowly return back to normal.

For the rest of the day the levels mainly stayed at their normal values, except for a small period where it went as high as five for the shoulder and four for lower back.

As to my activities, today after waking up, having breakfast and going to a blood draw, I walked with Dean before having My FaceTime session with Ray. Getting back home I started my hydration which lasted until lunch.

After lunch I spent most of the afternoon working on sorting my photos and creating chat group entries. Just before my FaceTime session with Kenji, I went out to our backyard to take today’s set of pictures.

The rest of the day was spent resting and writing this entry, again overall it was a very good day