2020-06-19 Living With Cancer – Day 1801

It is hard to report from the health side when there is little if any change. Since the reports are positive it is great to just report, the same as the day before. I do take my vitals, blood pressure, weight, pulse oximeter and temperature, twice a day, and they look good.

Today I had my Home Care Nurse come by to do her weekly check up. She found nothing wrong, actually told me my numbers where excellent. In addition, she put the needle for my access port in so that we can do the hydration during the week.

As for the activities for day, I started my morning walk with Dean, followed by the Home Nurse visit. Next was the FaceTime call with Ray. Next was setting up my system downstairs since a hot day was forecasted, which would result in my office being too hot to work in.

At noon I stayed the Virtual Lunch Meeting on Skype. Normally the meeting is anywhere from 1 to 1 1/2 hours long. Today it was a short meeting about an hour without Bill who forgot about it.

I had to step out at 12:30 to join Dianne’s surprise car drive-by parade, she had organized for Denise’s birthday, which is tomorrow. It was a great success with about 12 cars participating, many of the cars had multiple co-workers in them, one even had their whole family, adding to the noice of the horn honking. Some of our neighbors come out to wish Denise a Happy Birthday. Overall it was a great success thanks to the work of Dianne to set it all up. BTW, Denise did get some good presents as well, and I did get some good pictures, that I uploaded and processed, should be on Flickr by Monday.

After the drive-by parade, I worked on my backup solution using my own NAS RAID drive. For the rest of the day I spent time resting and checking on the progress. After dinner I watch some time before calling it a day.