2020-06-20 Living With Cancer – Day 1802

Today was a lazy day, both health and activity-wise, the pain level for most of the day was a two for the lower back and three for the shoulders. There were short periods where the levels were three and four and at one time as high as four and five. Getting up I had a two new pain locations, the first in my lower rip cage which was at a level three going up to four periodically and back to three then disappeared shortly after.

The second new pain location was inside my hips with a level around three to four. I still having issues with my eye. The right side is still the same and has not improved. The clarity is not very good, the blood vessels seem to have increased and this affects the vision since the brain takes time to account the good eye, which has not gotten worse, but sometimes it’s confused with the amount of light that comes in from the right side not helping the left eye to focus.

As to my daily activities they are in the morning the same having breakfast and being Saturday I watched a Bundesliga game of Bayern Munchen against Freiburg, with Bayern winning 3:1. After getting up I worked on my laptop to check if last nights back up actually worked, it did not, back to the drawing board.

Before lunch I went for a little walk with Dianne to the corner of our street, where a owner who brought the single story house, put up a wooden fence that is out of this world. It also was a great subject for today’s photos.

After lunch I try to do more work on my photo workflow but I started to doze off and on for most of the afternoon. Just before dinner I was able to work on my blog and pictures. After dinner I tried watching some TV before calling the day, but dozed off and went upstairs to sleep.