2020-06-21 Living With Cancer – Day 1803

Today was not a good day, it all started around 1:30 AM and continuing almost every hour on the hour until 5:00 AM. If that was not enough one or more of our neighbors were setting off fireworks all night long continuing into the morning, along with playing music to perhaps celebrate Father’s Day.

The lack of sleep did not help too much with getting up early, instead I stayed in bed a bit longer, which helped with my pain level dropping down to its normal level. However, my levels fluctuated today between the normal low and high, for no particular reason.

As to today’s activities, as I mention above, I slept in and for most of the day I rested by watching movies for Father’s Day. I also spent sometime in the backyard keeping Dianne company.

After lunch I tried to do more work on my photo workflow, but I started to doze off and instead later stayed awake watching movies for most of the afternoon. After dinner I watch some TV before calling it a day.