2020-06-22 Living With Cancer – Day 1804

Today was a so-so day, health-wise my pain levels had increased after my doctors visit to a steady four for the shoulder and three for my lower back. Around 5:00 the levels were at six and five, the reason being some new pains in my hips and along the lower ripcage. Taking an additional doze of the pain medication lowered the levels an acceptable four and three.

As to today’s activities, I had my morning walk with Dean, followed by a visit to the cancer center for a blood draw and a followup appointment with my oncology doctor. Getting back home I rested for most of the day, cleaning up at the same time my daily photos and making sure my blog entries were in order.

After lunch I did some more work on my photo workflow and watched a movie for relaxation before taking my photos for the day. After dinner I watch some TV before calling the day.

NOTE: To help with my evening time, I will do the final publishing in the morning of the following day. This posting was written and checked yesterday about yesterday, but is not published this morning, the day after.