2020-06-24 Living With Cancer – Day 1806

Today was a busy day, health-wise my ‘normal’ pain and activity-wise my ‘normal’ levels were all over the board, low as 3/2 and as high as 5/4. To report when was what level for how long, would be to complex and most likely not very accurate.

Activity-wise, it started with taking my daily morning vitals, next step was creating my weather data for Steve at channel two, KTVU. I then got dressed and assemble the things I needed for our visit at UCSF.

We had to leave two and a half hours before our appointment since traffic has returned to the numbers before the COVID-19 outbreak. Some due to BART riders still using their cars. Once on the road I published yesterday’s report. Since my iPad has cellular connection I was able to catch up on my mail and Telegram messages.

Arriving at UCSF, we were a bit early, so I was able to take a few photos in the COOL and BLISTERING Wind. We checked in on time, but for the first time they ran late. Further, because they identified a new complication, it became a long appointment ending an hour later. As to the complication, I will provide the details tomorrow.

After arriving back home, I got hydrated and use the time until dinner to check on my messages and responded to most of them. After dinner I watch some TV before calling it a day.