2020-06-25 Living With Cancer – Day 1807

Today was a very busy day, health-wise like yesterday my pain levels were all over the board, as low as 3/2 and as high as 5/4. It started off normal three and two, but after the walk it went to four and three, where it stayed for most of the day. By the end of the day it was a five and four. It was concentrated on the left side of the shoulder and a bit up on the neck. The right hip was also active in the late afternoon.

Activity-wise, it started with taking my daily morning vitals, creating my weather data for Steve at channel two, KTVU. I got dressed to go downstairs to be ready for my morning walk with Dean. Returning back home from my walk I had three FaceTime calls to friends and family to update them on my latest status, that I am no longer on treatment, nor will I be since there is not a treatment that would help get my numbers where they should be and any treatment would just lessen my quality of life.

Dianne took me out to Trader Joe’s for some shopping since I have not be there since the outbreak of COVID-19. I was lucky that there was no lineup, making it an easy in and out, while keeping up with the 6th feet social distancing and mask rule.

After arriving back home, I received hydration and continued to have four more FaceTime calls with family and friends before getting ready for dinner. After dinner I watch some TV before calling it a day.