2020-06-26 Living With Cancer – Day 1808

Today was a transitional day, health-wise like the last two days my pain levels were all over the board, as low as 3/2 and as high as 5/4. It started above normal at four and three, and stayed there after the walk. Around lunch it went down to normal (three and two), where it stayed for most of the day. By the end of the day it was a four and three. Like yesterday, it was concentrated on the left side of the shoulder and a bit up on the neck side. In addition, I had pain at level three in both hips in the late afternoon.

Activity-wise, not much change at the start of the day, taking my daily morning vitals, creating my weather data for Steve at channel two, KTVU, and getting ready for my morning walk with Dean. Returning back home from my walk I had the Home Care Nurse visit me, no problems were found. She accessed my port for hydration this week. After she left Dianne hooked me up for hydration.

Shortly after I had a long FaceTime call with Peter in England. It was great to catch up, we talked for an hour and ended it for lunch time.

After lunch, my activity dropped to the point that I was dozing on and off, not able to maintain any level of concentration. Lucky for me there were no FaceTime calls scheduled. I did make it to dinner, but dozed off again right after, not even able to watch some TV. I did however make it upstairs to call it a day.