2020-06-27 Living With Cancer – Day 1809

Today was a good day, health-wise the pain levels were like the last two days, as low as 3/2 and as high as 5/4. It started a little bit above normal at four and three. As to my eyesight, it stayed stable, which is good news for now, however, I am hoping to see some improvement soon.

Activity-wise it was a lazy day, starting with watching the last Bundesliga game of the 2020 Session, Bayern beat Wolfsburg 4:00. After the game, I went downstairs to set things up for the day, which was to be another hot day. I reviewed the new postings on Telegram and processed photos uploads from the last four days.

After lunch I went across the street to visit Dean and Margaret in their backyard for an hour, taking a few photos of their garden as well. Returning home, I uploaded and process the new photos. Since it was hot I received hydration. For the rest of the afternoon, I rested, which turned out was dozing off most of the time. I did make it to dinner, only to doze off again right after, not even able to watch some TV. I did, however, make it upstairs to call it a day