2020-06-28 Living With Cancer – Day 1810

Today was another good day, health-wise the pain levels were not the problem, or I am getting used to them. The problem today was my eyesight, bright sunlight causing very low contrast in my good left eye, making it difficult to read my mail or compose any document, even when using the night-mode, white text on black background.

Activity-wise it was another lazy day, starting with a late breakfast in bed followed with watching an episode of our recorded TV shows before getting up and going downstairs. After getting ready for the day, Dianne and I went for a walk, which ended around lunch.

Since my energy level was down I received hydration after lunch. For the rest of the afternoon I worked on my backlog of emails, messages and other overdue documents. I also added another member to one of my Telegram’s Chat Groups.

Today I did make it to dinner without dozing off. I also was able to watch some TV after dinner until it was time to call it a day.