2020-07-14 Living With Cancer – Day 1826

What a different day Tuesday was! It started off like no any other day, Breakfast in bed delivered. Afterward we started to pack our things to move to another, better room, which was not available on Monday. We moved to the new room and unpacked. By the time we were done it was almost lunch.

We went to Diekmann’s Bay Shop in Bodega Bay for Sandwiches to eat at the Beach. Our next destination was the beach in Doran Regional Park. We found a good spot to eat and take our first set of pictures. We continue around Doran Beach Road finding a few more spots for pictures.

I took many pictures, starting with the view from our new room, the shop we got our sandwiches, and the water views from there, and the beaches. I will upload the photos on my return home.

Before returning back to the hotel, we took a drive through Bodega Bay up on State Highway One until North Salmon Creek Beach. Getting back to the hotel, I rested for the rest of the day, worked on my text for a number of Telegram Groups, but ran of time to upload them. Here is finally yours.

Tomorrow we will do a trip to Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve (SNR) preserves 805 acres of majestic Coast Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens).