In 1992 this Web Site was created to inform the user community on the latest developments that were transpiring within the Electronic Business Standards Communities and to educate users about EDI and eBusiness. As time has gone by, most of the material became available on other sites, including my own Illumonus business site.

In 2010 the focus became technologies, be it about standards, web programming, personal computing, technology itself, or anything related that crosses my mind to blog about. Actually to be more precise, it’s more of my pondering/ruminating about topics that surface during my daily job and standards related activities.

At the start of 2015 Q2, the focus has changed again. Now it is all about my hobby, Photography. I enjoy taking at least one picture a day, actually it is always more than one, as part of Project 365. These photos can be viewed via the Galleries page.

In addition I will post about what I learned about photography and any other topic relevant to that subject. I hope you enjoy the new focus of this site.