2020-01-25 Living with Cancer Day 1053

Waking Up – 07:07:18 PST, 48°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
I woke up around 7:00, ready to have Dianne replace my Fentanyl patches and put my eye drops in. Dianne went downstairs to call Ron, her brother, in Canada. Before she ended her call, I talked to Ron about Flickr and how best to share our photos with your Friends and Family members. After the call, Dianne prepared breakfast for me to have in bed.

After breakfast, I slowing got up and ready to go downstairs. Being downstairs, I rested because my shoulder pain level had started to increase. It was also time for me taking my morning repertoire of medication.

Using my rest time, I sorted out my camera bag since I have decided that I will use my LUMIX cameras. For now, I will not be using my Sony Alpha SLT A68 and A70 cameras since they are too heavy and I would have to take my large camera bag to hold the appropriate lenses for each occasion.

Going Shopping – 09:45:04 PST, 52°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
After some rest, Dianne asked me to join her on a short shopping trip. Taking that opportunity I took my smaller LUMIX DC-ZS70 with me for some pictures but also testing the setup.

Just as we got going, Dianne pointed out the many turkeys in front of the old Fire Hall. A great opportunity to take my set of pictures for the day. Dianne stops the car to allow me to shoot through the open front window. I got some really good pictures.

We continue with our shopping trip, stopping at Safeway, Costco and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Getting back home, I spend some time over at Dean’s, looking at his fish tank he had installed in his garden. He did a good job!

Lunch Time – 13:01:30 PST, 59°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
By the time I got back home from Dean’s, it was almost lunchtime. Denise prepared a cheese quesadilla for us, which is one of her specialties. Since my shoulder pain level did not go down I continued to take it easy. I uploaded the pictures to Flickr off the last few days and did some other less physical activities to keep the pain for the rest of the afternoon.

End of Day – 14:50:08 PST, 61°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
Today ended like most days, I spend most of my time resting. Since my pain level is increasing, the best is too limited to my activities until I am back on treatment. I used the time to finally be up-to-date with my blog’s current entries from 19th to today. I do have the content for 12th to 18th entries but have not found the time to transfer them to my website. My goal is to have it done at the end of January.

For dinner, we ordered out using one of our Christmas presents. It was a great ending to a busy day not having to cook/look after dinner. The day ended with us watching
some TV before going to bed to call it a day.

2020-01-24 Living with Cancer Day 1052

Waking Up – 06:35:32 PST, 43°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
I woke up around 6:00 to check on my weather station’s data and other sources to compose my submission to Steve at KTVU. I got it completed by 6:30 and used Twitter to deliver it.

I tried to stay awake to check my mail and news feeds but dozed off more than being awake.

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2020-01-23 Living with Cancer Day 1051

Last Night – January 22, at 20:05:40 PST, 48°F Clear, Antioch, CA
After submitting yesterday’s blog entry, I had an accident, which did not get recorded as it was too late and the type of accident did not help to make an adjustment to the blog entry.

After getting ready to go to bed, I started to walk up the stairs to our bedroom, after about three steps I remembered that I forgot something and turned around to go back down. As I walk down I miscounted the step I was on, thinking I was down three I actually was on two, causing me to fall down onto my side.

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2020-01-22 Living with Cancer Day 1050

Starting the Day – 06:14:01 PST, 48°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
Since our appointment was half an hour earlier than that on Saturday, and some non-federal workers had to go to work, we needed to go earlier to UCSF. We got up earlier, as in 6:15. Our goal leave for UCSF not later than 9:30.

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2020-01-21 Living with Cancer Day 1049

Waking Up – 10:52:11 PST, 54°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
I woke up around 6:00 and prepared my Weather update for Steve Paulson at KTVU. After that, I dozed off again to about 7:00. I watch some TV and worked on my overdue blog entries. I finally got up at 8:00. It was rather difficult since my pain level was rather high. I went downstairs at 8:30.

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2020-01-20 Living with Cancer Day 1048

2020-01-20 Living with Cancer Day 1048

Getting Up – 07:06:14 PST, 41°F Overcast, 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA
Woke up around 7:00 with my shoulder pain at a bit higher level, but still acceptable. Dianne again prepared breakfast for us in Bed. Being a Holiday we stayed in bed until 8:45 when it was time to get up and ready for our noon appointment at the eye clinic.

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2020-01-19 Living with Cancer Day 1047

2020-01-19 Living with Cancer Day 1047

Breakfast in Bed – 07:15:48 PST, 37°F Mostly Cloudy, 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA
The day started unofficially at 6:30 with me watching in bed Bayern Munich vs Herta Berlin on my iPhone and wireless earbuds so that I did not wake up Dianne.

Dianne woke up around 7:00 and we turned on the TV to watch the game on the big screen. During the intermission, Dianne went downstairs to make breakfast, French Toast with Cream Cheese and Orange Marmalade. It was out of this world!

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2020-01-14 About my Blog Entries

We had a great time taking the train to Reno. I took about 400+ pictures which I will upload to Flickr very soon. As to my blog entries, they are all recorded in the Day One application on my iPad but need to be transferred to my Markup Editor on my Laptop. Normally I get that done on the same day, but being away from home and without the laptop, I ended up with a backlog of three. It increased to five because the last two days were full of appointments which limited my time to transpose the reports from the Day One application to my Markdown Editor. Today I finished the first of the five, I will try my best to be up-to-date by the weekend.

2020-01-11 Living with Cancer Day 1039

Date: January 10, 2020 at 21:44:05 PST
Weather: 44°F Mostly Clear
Location: 225 Lake St, Reno, Nevada, United States

Reno @ Night – 21:44:05 PST -1 Day, 44°F Mostly Clear, 225 Lake St, Reno, NV
Before going to bed, Denise noticed the lights outside. We both took some pictures, which was somewhat tricky because of the glare from the window. I am not complaining, better a picture that is not perfect, than none.

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2020-01-10 Living with Cancer Day 1038

Date: 2020 January 10, at 06:30:46 PST
Weather: 36°F Clear
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

Getting up – 06:30:46 PST, 36°F Clear
We decided to get up early to get ready for our train ride to Reno. Doing so we did not need to rush as we had enough time before leaving between 8:00 and 8:15. I even had time to pass my weather data to Steve at KTVU. I collected the required electronic cables and chargers. Dianne had cleaned and dried the CPAD machine, which I picked up.

After having put out what needed to be taken, it was my job to fit it all into one suitcase, using the 20+ years of experience I gained during my international travels.

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