Nothing but Gray Sky – Week 6

Just got back from my doctor about my back problem. I was order total rest, not driving anywhere for the rest of the week. This means no visiting Contra Loma, Empire Mine Road, San Joaquin River Delta, etc. Today’s set is the view from my backyard, showing a gray sky at the same six focal lengths as yesterday’s set.

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Along Empire Mine Road – Week 5

Another break in the rain to go back to Empire Mine Road to take the the set of photos for week 5 with my super wide angle lens. However, like yesterday for the last four photos Mount Diablo is not visible because of the clouds hanging over the foothills. To help the comparison to earlier photos of the same scene, the photos are centered where the mountain is a bit visible.

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Down by the San Joaquin River – Take 5

Another day which is not optimal for outdoor photography, noting but distant fog. Checking on all my locations I used so far, the best was the Municipal Fishing Dock to take photos of the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta. Interesting enough, as once before, my naked eyes saw more fog than the camera. as I did the last two weeks.

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Contra Loma Regional Park – Take 5

Day three for using my super wide-angle lens. Due to my time restrictions this week and the fog still hanging around, I took a chance and visited Contra Loma Regional Park, and was a bit in luck with the fog on its way out.

Since purchase of this lens I have had not many opportunities to use it. Now after three days I start seeing the potential for landscape compositions.

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