2019-08-08 Living with Cancer Day 883

Today’s posting looks different as I started to use the application Day One to capture my activities. I have had this app for two years and forgot after my cancer announcement about it. Let me know what you think of it, maybe have suggestion what to remove or add.

Date:       2019 August 08, at 06:49:50 PDT
Weather:    61 °F Sunny
Location:   Antioch, CA, United States

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2019-02-18 – Nature Photography – Trees – Signs of Early Spring

Today was a great sunny, but cold and windy, day. Not having been outside walking for the past week, it was great to see some trees starting to bloom. Today’s picture set is small, however, it does show some trees in bloom along our walking path.

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2018-10-20 Recovery Day 593

Another great day! Health-wise, things seem to have become a constant about a week after my monthly Chemo Treatment Day, in that I no longer have dizziness or stomach issues in the morning or during the day. It’s a bit different when it comes to bone pain in my ankles and hips, there are days without it, or with it and the level could be anything. Today, I did have some bone pain at a medium, but acceptable, level. That’s it when it comes to my health update.

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2018-08-17 Recovery Day 529

Today another good, but busy day. Still, the day started with dizziness and stomach queasiness after getting up. See earlier posts starting with posting 2018-08-10 Recovery Day 522 for details. As to the Transderm Scop (Scopolamine) patch, the verdict is still not out if it works or not. I will keep using it until 21 August, the end of this cycle, to see if the patch is working.

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2018-05-10 Recovery Day 430

Health-wise I had very little sleep, no reason why. Hopefully I will sleep twice as good today. Getting up, if you want to call that way, was easy, no dizziness. My vitals were good. I had breakfast to get ready to my morning medication which included a dietary supplement called Lipo-Flavonoid Plus for the ringing in my left ear. I should know not later then 60 days if it helps to lower, if not totally remove, the ringing. For the rest of the day my pain levels were not getting higher, which was a good sign.

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2018-05-09 Recovery Day 429

Health-wise every is normal, except for the dizziness. Today is full infusion day at the local Cancer Care Center started at 9:00. Until then I check my vitals and took my medication. I check my backpack to make sure I had all my internet stuff to help me through the 8 hours, before resting for a few minutes.

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2017-05-10 Recovery Day 65

First the good news, I used the early morning and late afternoon today to finalize yesterday’s post. 2017-05-09 Recovery Day 64 – Final Version. If you have not read that posting, I strongly suggest you read it before
reading this one.

The bad news, the night was not as good as the last 10+, I was unable to fall asleep. It was not because of pain, but more at the start that my 9:00 PM medication did not arrive until 10:30 PM. I was still awake by 12:30 AM, at which time I asked for a some sleep medication. The answer was, since it was not ordered I could not get any sleep aid medication, not even a Tylenol PM. If I really wanted something they could call my doctor who could put in an order. By my calculations I would have the medication by the time it was time to get up.

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