Cleaning the CCWD Water Canal – Project 365

Had to drop of my car for an oil change to get ready to go South for the Labour Day Weekend. So I spend some time along the nearby Delta de Anza Trail. After walking for about 1/2 mile, my way was blocked by some work crew and their equipment on the trail, not allowing anyone to pass by. Some walkers were not happy to have to turn back since there was no warning at the start of the trail that a portion was closed. Since I had to walk back anyways to pickup my car, I decided to take a few photos before doing so of the work crew trying to clean the Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) Water Canal that runs parallel to the trail.

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Somerville Townsite – Project 365

Today I visited Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. I was specially interested to take some photos of the Somerville Townsite, where during the mid 1850s–1900s the homes of this active coal mining community used to be. The Roseville Cemetery, last photo, is a popular place to visit. I plan to go there very soon.

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Highway 4 Construction – Project 365

Time to check on the progress of the work on widening Highway 4. It has been a month since the last set of photos taken from the G-Street bridge. There has been a lot of progress, both road surfaces have been completed, all that is needed is to add the concrete center divider-walls before opening all four lanes for each direction from Somersville Road to at least L Street if not A Street.

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Catching some Rain – Project 365

Today we got some unusual “June” rain preventing me to seeking out another trail to walk on. So instead I tried catching some rain related event, such as water coming out of a rain gutter downspout. These four photos were taken at different shutter speeds to see if I can catch separate water drops. To do so at the faster end I had to bump up the ISO to 16000 ignoring the picture noise for this test.
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