2018-11-16 Recovery Day 620

Today was another good day! I woke up with a little bit of dizziness and stomach issues, taken the medication clear it up and it held true for the rest of the day. As to my shoulder pain/discomfort, it was presented all day long. In the beginning the level was rather high, but as the day progressed the level did go down. By day-end the pains were still there with the pain levels way down.

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Why I switched back to Linux

As mention before my main reason to switch to Linux was to escape from all the proprietary, controlled environments, services, tools and software that we all become depended on over decades of computing.

In the beginning OS X was open and fun, finally a *nix system with a usable applications and GUI! All that changed with the arrival of the iPhone and later iPad resulting in a closer coupling with iOS. Don’t get me wrong OS X is a still a solid operating system for those who enjoy Apple’s vision of the ideal desktop. It offers access to pro-level applications that many companies rely on. However, after 15+ years Apple’s Walled Garden is no longer the most practical operating system for my standards development and photography workflows.

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