2019-05-27 Living with Cancer Day 814

Today was a better day, which started with blood draws and vitals being taken at the start of the morning. The activities for the rest of the day were those typically expected. Today there were not many activities, the main one was the walking test. During the day the Hospitalist and the Infectious Disease doctor came by, both making the point that we must wait for the results before determining what treatment to apply.

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2019-05-26 Living with Cancer Day 813

Today was a really bad day, which started at 01:00 AM (one hour after midnight). I passed out getting out of bed to go to the bathroom. The reason for passing out was that my Oxygen level had dropped below 75% during my sleeping. Getting out of bed was a bad idea, but how would I have known that the level was too low for me to get out of bed for this test?

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2019-05-25 Living with Cancer Day 812

Today was not a good day, it started like all of the earlier mornings. As the day progressed things got worse a repeat of yesterday. By the time lunchtime approached I had a mild fever. By dinner time my temperature had dropped to normal. However, my oxygen level had dropped to the minimum level required for my body to function, today I am not even close to being in the same shape.

That’s it for today, after dinner instead of watching some TV, I took my vitals and medication, before calling it a day. Paul, please do, taking your meds.

2019-05-17 Living with Cancer Day 804

Today was another good day, starting off well after a good night sleep. It seems that after being back home for almost a week, a morning routine has been established. I get up around 8:30, get dressed, go downstairs for taking my vitals before having breakfast. After breakfast, I check my schedule for any Chemo Treatments, Lab test (blood draws), Doctor appointments and/or FaceTime/Skype calls scheduled.

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2019-04-16 to 2019-05-14 Living with Cancer Day 771 to 801

I am very sorry not having posted any blog entries for the last 29 days. Things just happened too quickly.

I will keep things short for today, having spent much of my energy already.

It started on Tuesday 16th April with a high fever, 100.6F. Dianne took me down to the local Hospital’s E/R. When I was first admitted they thought I was Neutropenic because of the high-temperature 101.4F, sweating and stomach cramps.

It turned out I that having some type of flu with a very high fever and Low O2 (Oxygen) levels. The temperature is almost normal and the sweating has stopped.

They ran some interesting test all day Wednesday to confirm that I had nothing other than the flu. It turned out they were wrong, over the weekend I watched some soccer and rugby with having been informed to have the Flu and confirmed Influenza A, thanks to the lack of an immune system.

As it turns out things got worse as the Infectious Disease Unit found out that I have Aspergillus in my lungs. Aspergillus is a genus consisting of a few hundred mold species found in various climates worldwide.

Since two Monday’s ago they have run tests to confirm their diagnosis. In addition, I underwent 3 CT/Chest scan to determine if the antibiotic solution they believe will control the infection.

As it turns out it seems they have found the medication that I will have to take twice a day for at least 6 months.

In summary, since entering the E/R over 3 weeks ago, I have successfully dealt with the Flu and Influenza A. I am positive I will be able to deal with the latest addition, Aspergillus Fumigatus.