2018-04-04 Recovery Day 394

Today was another So-so day. Still, like yesterday, after getting up, I had some minor stomach crams. I therefore had again only toast and tea for breakfast. Today is my first Wednesday at which I don’t have Infusion treatment, which I will have next Wednesday. I was therefore able to attend the Docent Delta News and Coffee Talk meeting. Dean picked me up around 8:00 to drop me of Visiting Center (VC)>

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2018-03-08 Recovery Day 367

Today was another good day. The day started of with a good breakfast follower by checking my mail. In it was a mail from Ed Valenzuela asking if I would go for a little walk to the pier at Big Break? We agreed to go around 11:00. After the mail check it was time for Dean and I to walked as we do every weekday.

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At Big Break – Week 5

This week marks the start of using my zoom-lenses for leaning to understand their fields of view as well as comparing it against prime lenses with the same focal length. comparison. The last for weeks have been very useful in understanding what I see with my naked eyes vs that of the camera because of the various focal lengths. The first lens that I will be suing this week is my super-wide angle Tamron SP 10-24mm lens.

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Down by the San Joaquin River

Another rainy day. I went down to the Municipal Fishing Dock to take a few photos of the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta, or California Delta. The first photo is to the North showing the bank of the Kimball Island. Next one is to the West showing the wide open San Joaquin River towards Winter Island. The third is to the East showing the Antioch Bridge over the River. Last one is a North-East shot of the West Island bank.

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Between Rain Showers @ Big Break

Today was a rainy day. I visited the East Bay Big Break Regional Park in Oakley to pickup the Guidebook for the 2017 Trails Challenge. The park is named for a break in the levee system that flooded an asparagus farm between the San Joaquin River and Dutch Slough in 1928. The break formed a small bay along the river, near the area where fresh water from the river mixes with salt water from San Francisco Bay.

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