2019-03-17 – Landscape Photography – Nature – Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve

Today, being Saint Patrick’s Day, it is only appropriate to take pictures that contain lots of green. To do so Dianne and I went to the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve to take pictures of the green foothills. It will not take much time and the green will change to the California Gold.

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2018-07-31 Recovery Day 512

Today was another good day. We can take sleeping of the list, unless it becomes an issue again. The same goes for breakfast unless there is something special. What is left is the report about any pains during the day. Yesterday I mentioned a new pain location which is still here today, right side of my hip to the top of my shoulder. Also during today’s walk, shortly after starting my left hip hurt, it lasted for about 30 minutes, after which it was o longer present.

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Black Diamond Mines Regional Park

Last week for Day 6 the plan was to visit Black Diamond Mines, but because of the heavy rain, the access road was flooded and there were also some mudslides, effectively closing the park. No such issues today as we have some great sunshine just asking to visit the park, which is one of the best in the Bay area.

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Somerville Townsite – Project 365

Today I visited Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. I was specially interested to take some photos of the Somerville Townsite, where during the mid 1850s–1900s the homes of this active coal mining community used to be. The Roseville Cemetery, last photo, is a popular place to visit. I plan to go there very soon.

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