2018-08-21 Recovery Day 533

Today was a good day. No dizziness and stomach queasiness at the start of my day! The only health issue remaining was the bone pain in both of my hips. Normally it lasts no more than 4 days after treatment, this time we are on day 6. I also feel very tired starting around mid-afternoon. In summary, a good day.

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2018-08-18 Recovery Day 530

Today was almost a good day. I still have the dizziness and stomach queasiness after getting up. For details start reading posting 2018-08-10 Recovery Day 522. I am also still waiting for the Transderm Scop (Scopolamine) patch to kick in. Being the 3rd day after my treatment day, I experienced bone pains as a side effect from the Zometa. The pain level was reduced because of taking Claritin-D before and after treatment. Today I also had for the first time lightheadedness after lunch. On the positive side, I did not have diarrhea like the last time.

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