Around Byron’s Main Street – Project 365

Stopped at Downtown Byron this morning for a few photos of the old Main Street and the very busy intersection of Byron Highway and Camino Diablo. If it were not for the shortcut traffic this part of the town would be dead. Byron Hwy connects to Interstate 205 which connects to I-580 West and I-5 North, and via Mountain House Road to I-580 East and I-5 South.

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Brentwood’s Delta Theater – Project 365

Last day of portrait orientation photography. This set is all about the Brentwood Delta Theater. It was built in the 1930’s and was originally a one screen with a stage in front of it which doubled to show plays. In the early–1990’s it was turned into a two screen theater. In the early to mid–1990’s it was a second run theater, which did moderate business at best. After closing down for a couple months CineLux bought the theater in 2000 and has been open and doing well ever since.
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Downtown Antioch, CA – Project 365

I was reminded that I don’t seem to shoot in portrait orientation, which is true. Thinking about it, it seems natural for our brain to prefer landscape orientation since that is how we see things. However, since Project 365 is all about learning and experimenting, I decided that this week I will shoot in portrait orientation only.
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The Belshaw Mansion – Project 365

Today I visited the Belshaw Mansion on 705 E Street in Antioch. The home was constructed for state senator Charles M. Belshaw. It was later sold to state assemblyman Robert Easley, then to the Baldocchis, who divided it into apartments for their family members. The house has been restored by it current owners to the original inside configuration. However, looking at the original structure one can see that the roof, especially the tower roof have undergone major structure changes. I like the old structure over the current castle look. Continue reading “The Belshaw Mansion – Project 365”

640 West 2nd Street – Project 365

Here is another building downtown Antioch on West 2nd Street that I like. When we first moved here in 1990, this was a Hobby Store, as in Model Trains, airplanes and ships. It closed a few years later thanks to Toys R Us. Other businesses moved in, but now it is empty. I like the view from Waldie Plaza and the building’s front with the large windows. Sadly I could not find any historic data on this building. Continue reading “640 West 2nd Street – Project 365”