2020-07-14 Living With Cancer – Day 1826

What a different day Tuesday was! It started off like no any other day, Breakfast in bed delivered. Afterward we started to pack our things to move to another, better room, which was not available on Monday. We moved to the new room and unpacked. By the time we were done it was almost lunch.

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2020-07-11 Living With Cancer -Day 1823

My efforts continue to recover from my complex eye surgery. For most part it is resting, no bending, lifting and/or rapid head movements. Besides resting, I also received daily eyedrops, two different ones four times a day, snd one twice the day for a few months to make sure no more blood leaking into the front of the Retina. I can see that my vision is slowing improving, which is great.
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2020-07-08 Living With Cancer – Day 1890

Today was the day about my right (bad) eye’s surgery result. Getting up in the morning I noticed that my left (good) eye’s vision was almost back to 100%, by the time we arrived at the clinic it was back to what it was before. Since the bad eye was covered up and therefore I was not able to get an idea was it fix or not. I had to wait until my appointment.

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2020-07-07 Living With Cancer – Day1819

Quick Update about the Eye Surgery. We got there about 30 Minutes before our appointment. This was good to allow Dianne to find out she could wait during the surgery since the policy was no visitors with the patient. I was able to get an exception. After being submitted to my preparation room, it took about 90 minutes answering questions, signing papers, get dressed for surgery, and getting hydrated and other pre-medication.

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2020-07-06 Living With Cancer – Day 1818

Today turned out to be a much different day from those in the past. After getting up, instead of my morning walk, I went for a Blood Draw to check on Platelets count, in preparation for my eye surgery. It turned out the count of 45 was too low. As a precaution that the count is to low, I was already scheduled for a Platelet transfusion at the local Hospital.

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2020-07-05 Living With Cancer – Day 1817

Today started off recuperating from last night’s not feeling well. I spend all morning resting, eating only toast and drinking tea. After lunch it was time to get ready to go to UCSF’s COVID Test Site on Laurel Heights Campus in San Francisco. After returning home, I rested some more to ensure full recovery.

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