2019-03-18 Living with Cancer – Day 742

Today was another good day, started with me getting up at 8:00, with light sweating and dizziness. For most of the day, my shoulder and lower hip pains stayed in check. For my hip pain, I took Tylenol Arthritis which lowered the hip pain. Overall it was a good day.

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2019-02-27 Living with Cancer Day 723

Today was very bad day. I decided last night to continue with taking Dilaudid every 3 hours starting at 9:00 PM. After 3:00 AM most of my pain was gone, except my pain in my shoulder area, which hurt when I turned in my bed. I got up early at 7:00 since I needed to be ready at 8:30 for Dean to take me to the Cancer Center. However, getting dressed was rather painful as suddenly like yesterday all my pain points got active the more I moved. It was so bad That I was not sure I wanted to the Cancer Center for Treatment. I decided to go hoping that at least my resting during the all-day treatment would help.

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2019-01-20 Living with Cancer – Day 685

Today was another so-so day, starting off the way the last seven days did. Getting up, I noticed tightness in my shoulder which was hurting as well, something that I had not before. The tightness/ain stayed around for most of the day, even after resting at home. In the past, I would take some Tylenol for the pain, which I did but it did not help today. Besides the pain, my mouth was filled with some bad taste. I have had this before and was told that it is a side effect mostly from the chemo treatment. Guess I will have to live with it for now.

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2019-01-02 Living with Cancer – Day 667

Today was another so-so day, however, it is improving and may soon be a good day. I slept until 7:30 before going downstairs for breakfast I got ready for my all-day treatment session. Besides being a bit lightheaded I also had some stomach issues. I took my medication before Dean dropped me off for my all-day treatment appointment at 9:00 PM.

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2018-12-10 Recovery Day 644

Today was another bad day. Health-wise the day was almost a repeat of yesterday, my stomach just would not cooperate. However, unlike yesterday, I went to see my Oncology doctor hoping to see if she would know what to do to help my current situation. For starters, she ordered that I get some hydration immediately. In addition, she prescribed some medication to help with my stomach problems. I spend the next few hours getting hydrated before Dianne took me back home.

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2018-12-08 Recovery Day 642

Today was a very bad day. Health-wise the day started with me having to throw up at 4:00 in the morning. From there, things went downhill. To make a long story short, I spend the rest of the day either resting or sleeping. My system just shut down, not because of pain, just the feeling of stomach discomfort, all day long.

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2018-12-07 Recovery Day 641

Today was another so-so day. Health-wise the day started a bit late as I fell asleep around 7:30 the time I had planned to get up. Instead, I got up an hour later with a temperature of 98.4F, some dizziness and stomach fluffiness. Both symptoms stayed around for most the day. My temperature changed very little, low around 97.5F and a high of 98.6F, during the day. As to my pain/discomfort locations, nothing different, shoulder blades and lower back. The level was very low when resting, but when I started to move it caused a big discomfort.

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2018-12-05 Recovery Day 639

Today was a better day. Health-wise the day started with a temperature 98.2F, and changed very little, high of 98.6F, during the day. It was a great improvement over the last 5 days. Since today was All-Day Chemo Treatment day, there is not much to report about my health status. Treatment is done resting in a laying position for 7 hours, getting up every so often. One of the side effects is that the pain in all my locations is almost gone until I get up. Being back home the pain was back, however at a lower level.

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2018-11-04 Recovery Day 608

Today was another good day! Again, health-wise things were what I call normal for now. I had some early stomach cramps in the morning, leftover side effects of the Dilaudid I had taken a few days ago. The good news, with Dilaudid cycle, almost gone away, things are now 99% back to normal. As to my shoulder pain, it is stable, staying at an acceptable level, which I can lower if needed with some Tylenol. No other health-related issues have been showing up such as ankle and/or hip pains.

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2018-10-23 Recovery Day 596

Today was a so-so day! Never count your good days too soon. Health-wise it was not as good as the past few days. The morning started off with some dizziness which disappears after a light breakfast of toast and tea. Starting my morning walk, the pain around my ankle increase to a level that I almost stop and did not walk. However, I did walk and the pain level decreased the long I walk. However, at the end of my walk, my hip pain had increased. During the day both, ankle and hip pain showed up when I walked for a few minutes.

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