2018-08-05 Recovery Day 517

Today was another good day, this makes it four days of taking Pomalyst with no side effects or pains during the day. The only pain I encountered from time to time is my shoulder pain on days when I have extended walking activities using my cane instead of my walking sticks. I hope as time goes on that this issue goes away, if not it is something to work on to figure out.

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Lime Ridge Open Space, Concord – Project 365

Stopped by Lime Ridge Open Space on my way to our Tuesday’s lunch in Concord. Lime Ridge Open Space is a vaguely key-shaped parcel of land stretching from Concord south into Walnut Creek. I used the park entrance on Montecita Drive, of Ygnacio Valley Road and walk along Fire Trail to take these photos. It was very cloudy, but the photos did turn out not to bad.
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Barnett House, Concord CA – Project 365

It’s Tuesday, back in Concord for lunch with some colleges from my Premenos days. This, the Barnett House is located at the Southeast corner of East and Pacheco Streets at 2080 East Street. The house was built by David Levinson and gets its name from subsequent owners George and Florence Barnett. For many years it served prominent families as a private residence. It is currently used for commercial purposes and under some renovations. Continue reading “Barnett House, Concord CA – Project 365”

The Maltby-McKinnon House, Concord CA – Project 365

Had to pay an unscheduled visit to Fry’s in Concord today, took the opportunity to find another historic house for some pictures. The Maltby-McKinnon House at 2350 Pacheco Street was built in the 1890s as the initial residence for the Adolphus Maltby family while their mansion was being constructed. Originally located on the Maltby Ranch off the east end of Bonifacio Street, the house was moved to 2360 East Street (now Mt. Diablo Hospital property) circa 1915. The house had been occupied by several families until purchased by the McKinnon’s in 1934 for $2,500 on terms of $25 down and $25 per month. The then classic, hipped-roof box house had 12 rooms and a sleeping porch; it remained the McKinnon home until 1979.

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The Elworthy House, Concord CA – Project 365

Since I was in Concord to have lunch with some colleagues, I decided to track down a historic building. The Elworthy House was built in 1912–13 for Herbert H. Elworthy, who was then Mayor of Concord, his wife Annie (Brawand) Elworthy, and their four sons. During the 1970s and 1980s, it was converted for use as a church and child-care facility, but was restored to its original configuration in 1988–89 and is currently used for commercial purposes. Continue reading “The Elworthy House, Concord CA – Project 365”