2019-06-15 Living with Cancer Day 833

Today was a bad day, it started with not sleeping during the night and as the morning neared stomach cramps and pains took over. It turned out that all this pain and discomfort came from be constipated for 3 days, a side effect of the medication. I stayed in bed until about 10:30 when I suddenly was able to have that needed bow movement. However, my stomach cramps did not go away and overall I felt crummy so I stayed in bed until noon.

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2018-03-23 Recovery Day 382

Today was a so-so day. Like yesterday, the day started of with a good breakfast followed by checking my vitals. Today I was walking alone since Dean had an early morning appointment. The weather was very good, not to hot or cold, just right with a blue sky. There were no back pain issues walking, which was great. Getting back home I prepared my lunch for the get-together with Larry, Bill and Suzan.

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2017-06-24 Recovery Day 110

Today started of well. I went downstairs to enjoy Breakfast, which was strawberry/rhubarb jam on a pretzel bun. A bit later the rest came downstairs to make their Breakfast. We chatted a bit about what they did last night and what they have planned for today. Around 8:00 my shoulder-back-shoulder and the top of the left leg became noticeable with pain. By 9:00 the pain reach a level that forced me to go upstairs to rest with ice packs. By then the top of my right leg also started to pain.

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2017-05-21 Recovery Day 76

Today’s good news, is that I had a secret visitor. My daughter Denise came with my wife to spend a few hours entertaining me. Mind you, her real reason is that there is an IKEA on the way home. We all together walked for about 300 yards, if not more. I also was able with the help of Dianne to shave. Last but not least I also was able to visit the toilet eliminating for now any fear of constipation.

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