2018-03-23 Recovery Day 382

Today was a so-so day. Like yesterday, the day started of with a good breakfast followed by checking my vitals. Today I was walking alone since Dean had an early morning appointment. The weather was very good, not to hot or cold, just right with a blue sky. There were no back pain issues walking, which was great. Getting back home I prepared my lunch for the get-together with Larry, Bill and Suzan.

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2017-06-24 Recovery Day 110

Today started of well. I went downstairs to enjoy Breakfast, which was strawberry/rhubarb jam on a pretzel bun. A bit later the rest came downstairs to make their Breakfast. We chatted a bit about what they did last night and what they have planned for today. Around 8:00 my shoulder-back-shoulder and the top of the left leg became noticeable with pain. By 9:00 the pain reach a level that forced me to go upstairs to rest with ice packs. By then the top of my right leg also started to pain.

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2017-05-21 Recovery Day 76

Today’s good news, is that I had a secret visitor. My daughter Denise came with my wife to spend a few hours entertaining me. Mind you, her real reason is that there is an IKEA on the way home. We all together walked for about 300 yards, if not more. I also was able with the help of Dianne to shave. Last but not least I also was able to visit the toilet eliminating for now any fear of constipation.

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