2018-05-21 Recovery Day 441

Health-wise I guess having had so many good days, they had to come to an end. It started with a night of very little sleep. I got up about every hour, but could not fall back into a good sleep. Finally getting up at my regular time, 06:30, I had dizziness, back pain and shoulder pain, none reducing over time as normally. Back to my morning routine, I had some toast with Camille tea for starters, followed by my morning medication to get ready for my morning walk with Dean.
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2018-04-27 Recovery Day 417

Weather-wise it was a warm, cold and windy day. Health-wise the day started with some stomach issues and dizziness which disappeared as the morning progressed and was gone by the time I started my morning walk. After breakfast I took my morning medication and got ready for my morning walk. Today I was walking alone since Dean was on a personal business. After my walk I got ready for my Friday lunch with my Ex-Premenos colleagues.

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2018-04-22 Recovery Day 412

Another fine warm day. Health wise, my blood pressure was back to what it has been since starting the second round of treatment. No change in my morning routine, starting with a good breakfast, taking afterwards my morning medication and getting ready for my morning walk. Today, being Sunday, the walk was a family affair.

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2018-04-01 Recovery Day 391

Today was a excellent day. Like yesterday it started with sleeping in and getting up having a good breakfast. Thanks to Alice’s fresh farm eggs we had Eggs Benedict – Thanks Alice! Health-wise there were no issues, it is safe to assume that the immunization shoots did not cause any side effects – Things turned out well!

BTW, I got the lab results for the three proteins (Immunoglobulin IgA, IgG, IgM). The numbers start to look good, especially the IgA which has moved from 932, 1459, 449 to 254 which is in range 81 – 463. You may recall that it was as high as 7500 when the cancer was identified.

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Contra Loma Regional Park – Take 5

Day three for using my super wide-angle lens. Due to my time restrictions this week and the fog still hanging around, I took a chance and visited Contra Loma Regional Park, and was a bit in luck with the fog on its way out.

Since purchase of this lens I have had not many opportunities to use it. Now after three days I start seeing the potential for landscape compositions.

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Contra Loma Regional Park – Take 3

Finally a break in the weather, so rushed out to the Contra Loma Regional Park for the third set of photos. Weather-wise today was almost the same as on Day 5 with the exception to shoot the same sceneries was again difficult because the trail still is not accessible as it is even muddier than on Day 12 thanks to the additional amount of rain. I am not complaining, we need the rain.

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Visiting the Contra Loma Regional Park

Finally a break in the weather, so I visited the Contra Loma Regional Park. The plan was to walk the Lake View Trail, but that became not an options since the trail was nothing but mud. So I opted for plan B, taking some photos of the westerly foothills from the Ridge Trail, close to the parking lot.

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